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Terre Haute Federation of Musicians
The Business of Music 6


            I have often been asked by musicians what is the difference between a promo-pak and a press kit. Also what goes into one? Well here you go. I am here to set the matter straight.

            A promo-pak is a promotional packet of your band or yourself. It contains [duh]  promotional materials about you, your music, your band etc. A typical promo-pak contains:

            a) You or your bands bio;

            b) A song list;

            c) References, past engagements, reviews, articles, etc.;

            d) a calendar of upcoming gigs;

            e) A demo cassette, CD, and/or video;

            f) a business card, brochure, rates, and other contact info;

g) photos; [professional quality-NOT nude bar shots].


A press kit contains all of the above minus the demo PLUS:

            a) A news/press release containing bio material and upcoming gigs.


All of this should be in an envelope of adequate size with the club name/person booking engagements name, and your bands name on professional labels attached. MAKE SURE IT HAS ADEQUATE POSTAGE!!!!