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Terre Haute Federation of Musicians
The Business of Music 8


            The easiest way to become successful is to look and act successful already. Nobody hires someone who looks like they havent played a job in months. Anyone who books bands are looking for people who are currently working, are in demand, not just starting out and seem to be successful. Maybe your calendar isnt full but dont let them know that.

            Youre a professional, act like it. You dont want to tell your woes to people booking you or listening to you because 1) its stupid. Youre there to entertain; 2) you are an employee of that venue when youre working. Your job is to make people happy. YOU ARE NOT IN THERAPY THERE!; 3) and 80% of those people dont want to hear it. Could care less. AND the rest are glad theyre your problems.

            You want to give the impression you have all the work in the world, are really good at what you do, and are very cool about it. Give an air of confidence.

            Looking successful doesnt mean state-of-the-art equipment though. It means being prepared. Interact [talk, joke, laugh] with the audience. Know the material that you are performing [not making it up as you go. It showsand badly], make sure your equipment is in good repair,  know your equipment [dont test-drive that new amp at the gig SQUEAL SQUELCH SQUALL!!!]. Even the best musicians dont upgrade their equipment all the time. Find something that works for you. Something that feels good, sounds good, is adequate for the job, does what you need and want it to do when you want it to and then LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!

            The music business is a fun business. We are professional entertainers. The more gigs you get the more money you make, and the more fun it can be.

            Success breeds success. If you come across as an accomplished, successful, well-rounded, personable musician with a good attitude, odds are that people will be more anxious to pay you to perform. Play the part, look the part, sound the part, be the part of success,  and you will become successful.