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Please observe the Local 25 Pay Scales when booking jobs. Working jobs for less than minimum scale undermines the hard work of all who have made it so that musicians are paid a fair wage for their talents and abilities. Giving away a skill that has taken years of hard work to develop just doesn't make sense. If there are extenuating circumstances regarding scale problems please consult with Local 25 officials. Any deviation from the minimum scale must be cleared first with Local 25. Contact the Local for your current copy of "Scale of Prices" before pricing your next gig! [IMPORTANT...our "Scale of Prices" is for Local #25's area ONLY! Please obtain a current copy of the "Scale of Prices" from the local in which you are booking your performances!]

Local Music Scene
*The Profilers will be on their "Where the Rubber Meets the Road" tour again this year! Check their website at Jeff Modesitt or The Profilers Band to see when they are coming to your hometown! The Profilers are currently auditioning musicians for their new tour. Please contact Jeff Modesitt at 409-599-7022 for info.

"Thank God for the 3-minute art form!" 

Dues are payable now! Active $60. [$30. half year]; Active Life $55. [$27.50 half year]; Inactive Life $40. [$20. half year]. If you are in arrears, please make your dues payment now. One gig will usually pay your dues for the year. Don't forget to add a donation to TEMPO.

Read the International Musician here!
Click the link above for useful articles to help you make it in the music business.

Attend A Meeting

The general membership meetings and executive board meetings are held the second Saturday of January, May, and September at 10:00 a.m. at the ISU Center for Performing and Fine Arts [southwest corner of 7th and Chestnut St.] Room 161 Indiana State University. Enter through the door off of 7th Street.

Please send your e-mail addresses to Local #25 President Randy Mitchell at: randrm@earthlink.net . The Member Newsletter will be sent electronically to members with e-mail addresses who wish to receive it. Your address will be used only for Local 25 business.

Tech Talk
It takes twice the output wattage for outdoor performances as it does for an indoor one! Remember...professional sound technicians calculate live indoor performance power output requirements at one [1] watt per person. If you can't be heard adequately at this level...you're wasting power somewhere in the mix.